Smart Responses

Best of Both Worlds!

Access your Response Library based on Area inspected, and then personalize.

Smart Responses

Smart, Flexible Responses

Smart Responses combines the benefit of a having a library of regularly used report responses  together with the flexibility of being able to edit, or add additional detail to  your responses to personalise for a particular property scenario. The result gives the best of both worlds, efficient and consistent responses that can be further personalised.

Response Database

Many inspectors have built up valuable libraries of standard report responses for different sections of the Reports. Your libraries can be added to the Response Lookup database to be automatically available when completing your Reports.

Inspection Area Specific

The Response Database is filtered to the areas inspected. This ensures that the dropdown of responses shows only appropriate responses based on the area being inspected making it a smooth response selection process.

Editable in Report

Once you have selected the most appropriate response from the library, the standard response can be added to, or edited using the Smart Response feature to provide the client with a tailored and detailed response where required.

Select from Database

Select Response from Response Database

As you move through  your Report, the dropdown of report responses adjusts and pulls in responses based on the area being inspected including Interior, Exterior, Roof Void, Subfloor, Roof Exterior and Site Location. You can upload existing responses that you have generated in the past, or easily add new responses straight into the Response Database.

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