Flexible Reports

Your Process.
Your way.

Experience the power of our unique drag & drop functionality. You can easily and quickly customize your inspection reports to fit your inspection process, saving you time and effort.

Enjoy the freedom to make reports that truly reflect your inspection process, all with simple drag & drop actions. Your process, your way - made easy.

Drag & Drop Reports

Say Goodbye
To Rigid Reports

Smart Drag & Drop functionality allows you to easily Add, remove or relocate sections around to capture all the necessary information for an accurate assessment.

Streamline your inspection process and produce comprehensive, tailored reports to suit your inspection flow.

Pre-populated Webforms

With the Pre-populated Webforms feature, clients receive partially completed webforms via a web link, simplifying the process and saving time.

CRM Database Lookup

With Database Lookup, form fields are automatically populated by searching the CRM database, making data entry quick and efficient.

Auto Calculations

The Auto Calculations feature minimizes mistakes and boosts performance by automating calculations, saving time and improving accuracy.

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Accurate Assessment

Inspect Your Way
The Right Way

Easily customize your inspection reports. Simply add, remove or move report sections around to capture all the necessary information for an accurate assessment. This feature streamlines your inspection process, saves time, and helps you produce more comprehensive reports that accurately reflect the property's condition.

Unlock the full potential of your inspection business.

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