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Impress your Clients With their Very Own Client Portal

Improve engagement, save so much time and grow your business

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  • Delight Customers

  • Provide 24/7 Access

  • Get Paid Instantly

  • Save So Much Time

Delight your customers with their very own Client Portal.

Let your customers access their information at time that suits them (without having to interrupt you!). Your clients can view their Quotes, Invoices, Jobs and Reports all from their Client Portal.

PayNow enables customers to pay invoices instantly using credit cards or mobile payments.

QuoteAccept enables your customers to accept your Quotes instantly.Welcome to the Client Portal!

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Interactive Dashboard Gives Impressive Visibility

Your Clients will love their Dashboard with easy access to everything they need and complete visibility on what’s coming up.

It’s a Win-Win!

Make life easier for your Customers
While Saving You So Much Time!

Mobile Friendly

The Client Portal is optimised for mobile sized screens too and with light and dark mode built in, you are providing a genuinely useful portal for your clients to access anywhere, anytime. Quotes, Invoices, Jobs and Action Webforms

Add Action Webforms

Bring even more value and automation to your Client Portal offering with Webforms enabled. “Book a Job”, “Request a Quote”, “Order Forms” and any custom form you want to make available to clients can all be added as Action Webforms.

View & Pay Invoices

Enable your clients to view and pay their Invoices 24/7. Customers can see outstanding invoices, pay them and download copies of historic invoices without disturbing you. They can even use their Apple Pay or Google Pay accounts.

View & Accept Quotes

Your customers can access your Quotes and accept them quickly and easily. Nothing lost, everything clear and super simple to click and accept. Everything in one place and so easy to use to accept Quotes from their computer or mobile phone.

View Jobs & Reports

Now your clients can access all of their Job information so easily at a time that suits them. They can view Job Reports and Photos easily without having to call you and get copies emailed. So much time saved and such a value-added service to your clients.

Download Images

If your Forms and Reports include photos, your customers may want to see those photos in more detail or better quality. With their own Client Portal they can view all photos in their own time, in full quality and download them.


View and Accepts Quotes

With Quote Accept, your customers can view and accept your Quotes instantly with a click.It’s so easy for your customers to view your Quote on either their computer or mobile device.They just click accept, add details where required and its all done in seconds!

A laptop displaying the Accept quote option on the client portal
View and Pay Invoices

Customers have never been happier to pay!

With PayNow your customers can pay your Invoices instantly using the payment method they prefer:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Traditional methods

By letting your customers pay you the way they prefer, you’re more likely to get paid faster while making the experience easier and more secure than ever for them.

View Related Photos

View Job Reports And Photos

Now your customers can access the jobs you have done for them without disturbing you.

They can view their Reports quickly and easily without having to call you to get a copy sent.

Even better, your customers can view photos in full quality and even download them if required.

Everything your customers need, available 24/7 and without interrupting you.

Action Webforms

So much more with Action Webforms

With the Webforms add-on, you can take the Client Portal to a whole new level with Actions!

  • Book a Job
  • Request a Quote
  • Place an Order
  • Request Variation
  • Contact Sales
  • Application Forms
  • And so much more!!

The Action section of the Client Portal enables you to plug-in any Webform you choose to

Client Visibility

See What your Customers are Viewing & Actioning

The Client Portal Tracking is a log showing you what your customers are looking at, and when. See when Quotes have been viewed or Invoices paid.

Visibility means you can time your follow-up calls knowing what your customers have looked at and when.

Quick Answers to your Client Portal questions

Is Client Portal available to use?

Not yet, but it is coming really soon!

What is a Client Portal?

The Client Portal is an online platform that allows your clients to access their specific information and interact with your business anytime, anywhere. This includes viewing and paying Invoices, accepting Quotes, and accessing Job details and Reports. Designed to improve customer engagement and business efficiency, it provides a convenient, mobile-friendly interface with an interactive dashboard for enhanced visibility and customer activity insights. It also supports other features like Action Webforms for booking Jobs or requesting Quotes.

Is there a cost to add the Client Portal?

The Client Portal feature is an optional add-on so there is a nominal price to upgrade. The Standard price is $19.99 per month per business or for clients on the Enterprise Solution, the price is $250.00 per month. All prices exclude GST for Australian entities.

How do I add the Client Portal to my account?

When the Client Portal goes live, it will be an optional add-on. Once you have opted in, you will be able to access the Client Portal section of your account Settings.

Can I turn-off the Client Portal add-on if we don’t use it?

Absolutely, simply de-activate the Client Portal add-on if you decide you no longer wish to use it and your monthly subscription will adjust accordingly.

Can our customers pay their Invoices through the Client Portal?

Yes, your customers will be able to pay their invoices through the Client Portal using the Formitize PayNow feature. The Portal allows for instant invoice payments using various methods, including credit cards and mobile payments. This feature adds convenience for both you and your clients by facilitating timely and hassle-free payments. For more information on how this works and the payment options available, you can visit the PayNow feature page here

Can our customers Accept Quotes through the Client Portal?

Yes, your customers will be able to accept Quotes through the Client Portal using the new QuoteAccept feature. This feature allows clients to conveniently review and accept your Quotes online, enhancing the efficiency of your business operations and improving the customer experience. It streamlines the process of Quote approval, making it easier and faster for both you and your clients. For further details on how the new QuoteAccept feature click here

Can our customers view their Jobs through the Client Portal?

Yes, your customers will be able to view their Jobs through the new Client Portal. The Portal provides your Clients with access to details of the Jobs you are performing for them, including statuses and relevant reports. This feature enhances transparency and keeps your clients informed about the progress of their jobs, contributing to improved customer satisfaction and engagement.

Can our Customers view their Reports through the Client Portal?

Yes, your customers will be able to view their Reports through the Client Portal. This feature allows them to access various reports related to their interactions with your business, including Job reports and Invoice histories. Providing this access helps in maintaining transparency and enhances customer engagement by keeping them informed about their dealings with your company. Now, instead of having to contact you to obtain a copy of a previously sent Report, your customers will be able to access the information themselves. Even better, your clients can view the photos from the Reports in high quality and download them if required.

Can we select which of our Customers can access the Client Portal?

Yes, you will be able to select which of your customers can access the Client Portal. This allows you to control and customize the access based on your business needs and customer preferences, ensuring that only designated clients can view and interact with their specific information and documents. Permission to access the Portal will be managed through the Contact’s page of the CRM where you can enable, invite and disable access a contacts access to their Client Portal.

Can different People within a Contact be given access to the Client Portal?

Yes, different people within a single contact can be given access to the Client Portal. For example you may only want the Finance Manager to have access. This feature is particularly useful for organizations or households where multiple individuals need to interact with your business. It allows for flexibility and personalization in managing client interactions. You simply open the “People” section of the Contact and nominate which People you would like to give access.

What Forms can I add to the Action section of the Client Portal?

In the Action section of the Client Portal, you can add whatever Webforms you choose to prompt specific actions from your clients. These Webforms can include but are not limited to Job Booking forms, Quote Request forms, Feedback Forms, and Service Request forms. The flexibility to customize these forms allows you to tailor the client interaction based on the services your business provides, enhancing both client engagement and operational efficiency.

Can we remove access to the Client Portal?

Yes, you can remove access to the Client Portal. This feature allows you to manage client permissions effectively, ensuring that access is granted only when needed. Removing access can be done as per your business requirements, providing control over who can view and interact with sensitive information. You disable access in the same place you enabled access, in the People section of the CRM Contact.

Can we decide what our Clients can see in their Client Portal?

Yes, you can decide what your clients can see in their Client Portal. The Client Portal Settings feature allows you to customize the visibility of various elements such as Invoices, Quotes, Job details, and Reports, according to your business needs and client requirements. This level of customization enhances the user experience for your clients while maintaining control over the information shared.

Is there a separate Settings & Permissions page for the Client Portal

Yes, there will be a separate Client Portal Settings and permissions page for the Client Portal. This page allows you to manage and customize various aspects of the portal, including who can access it, what information and features are available to different users, and how certain functionalities are handled. These settings are crucial for maintaining security and ensuring that the portal serves the specific needs of your business and clients effectively.

What is the Action Section of the Client Portal?

The Action Section of the Client Portal is a dedicated area that users the power of Formitize Webforms to power-up the Client Portal functionality by enabling more active client activity. The Action section includes the ability to “Request a New Quote”, “Book a Job”, complete an “Order Form”, submit an “Application”, request a “Variation” and so much more. It's designed to facilitate direct and efficient interactions between your business and your clients, using the flexibility and power of Webforms so that you can customize the experiences and collect exactly the information your business needs for each task.

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