Pre-Settlement Checklist Report
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Pre-Settlement Checklist Report

‍Everything you need to know about a Pre-Settlement Checklist Report

May 15, 2023

Pre-Settlement Checklist

Report Name:

Pre-Settlement Checklist Report

Building Inspection Report Category:

Pre-Sales Inspections

Who is a Pre-Settlement Checklist Intended for?

A Pre-Settlement Checklist is intended for property buyers who are about to close a sale and want to ensure the property's condition remains the same as when the sale agreement was made.

What is a Pre-Settlement Checklist?

A Pre-Settlement Checklist is a detailed list used to compare the condition and status of a property at the time of finalizing the sale (settlement) to its condition and status at the time of exchange (when the sale agreement was made). This checklist helps ensure that the property's condition meets the agreed-upon expectations.

How would an Inspector promote a Pre-Settlement Checklist report?

The Exchange to Settlement Checklist offered by the Building Inspection App is a comprehensive list that compares a property's status and condition at the time of completion to its state at the time of exchange.

The app is designed to guide users through the process, answering questions and ensuring a stress-free settlement.

What is included in a Pre-Settlement Checklist Report?

A pre-settlement Checklist Report will include the following sections:

  1. Client Details
    The client is the person or entity for whom the inspection is being undertaken
  2. Report Summary
    A summary of the Report content and findings to be read as part of the full report
  3. About the Property Inspected
    Primary details describing and identifying the Property that is to be Inspected
  4. Areas We Were Unable to Inspect
    Details outlining the limitations and hindrances related to the Inspection, and why
  5. Report Findings - Interior
    Detailed Report on the observations and findings regarding interior areas
  6. Report Findings - Exterior
    Detailed Report on the observations and findings regarding exterior areas
  7. Conclusion
    Conclusion and Recommendations from the Inspector
  8. Inspector Details
    Contact details of the Inspection Provider and the Inspector that undertook the Inspection
  9. Client Acknowledgement
    Acknowledgment and acceptance of the report to be completed by the Client
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